TIRUMALA, MARCH 2: “With an aim to propagate bhakti among the people, TTD will organise Srinivasa Kalyanams not only in the important cities of the country but also across the globe”, said Sri LV Subramanyam, Executive Officer of TTD.

In his early marks before the commencement of monthly “Dial your EO” programme which held in Tirumala on Friday at Annamaiah Bhavan he said, over two lakh people witnessed Srinivasa Kalyanams which held at Khatmandu in the country of Nepal on February 25. “The head of the country and ambassador were very much impressed with this celestial marraige and even asked us to perform every year. They said they have already following some darshan and queue line mechanisms adopted by TTD in their Pasupathinath temple. They have also requested us to give suggestions to set up Kalyanamandapam and Veda Pathashala in their country”, EO said.

The EO said TTD is mulling to perform series of Srinivasa Kalyanams in USA also and we will send a team of officers soon to America to list out the places to perform these celestial marriages, he added. “In the recent times even several foreigners have been visiting Tirumala and offering prayers in the temple. Very recently we had devotees from Japan, Itally and Russia who also sought TTD to organise Srinivasa Kalyanams in their country also which is a welcoming gesture”, EO maintained.

Later he said, TTD has decided to renovate its two museums located at Tirupati and Tirumala and invited the advices of experts in that field. “Very soon we will take up the face lift works of these two museums’, EO said.

Sri Subramanyam also said, TTD has sought the permission of ASI to take up some developmental works in Lord Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy temple located at Srinivasa Mangapuram. “Thousands of devotees converged and witnessed the annual brahmotsavams at Srinivasa Mangapuram during last month. Keeping in view the day by day increase in pilgrim influx we have decided to take up some developmental activities for which we have sought the permission of ASI”, he added.

The EO said, the pilgrim influx to Tirumala has been increasing by many folds every year. “TTD can facilitate good, satisfactory darshan to the pilgrims only if the number does not exceed 40thousand to 50thousands on any given day. But if the influx crosses 60thousand plus mark it has becoming difficult task for TTD to provide satisfactory darshan to the visiting pilgrims. In order to provide good darshan, TTD also have to follow restricting pilgrim numbers to fifty thousands like in Vaishnavo Devi temple. But whether people will accept this sytem for TTD is a million dollor question. So I appeal to the people to write letters to EO, TTD, Tirupati giving their opinions regarding this issue which is going to be very crucial in the coming years”, he added.
Later addressing a pilgrim caller Prasad from Tirupati, EO said TTD is already in the process of developing Dhyan mandirs in Paruveta Mandapam and at Tarigonda Vengamamba Samadhi areas in Tirumala. Answering another caller Anjaneyulu from Hyderabad, the EO said TTD will look into his suggestion of setting up lifts and european toilets in Varahaswamy and other guest houses for the sake of aged pilgrims.

JEO Tirumala Sri KS Srinivasa Raju, CVSO Sri MK Singh and other officials of TTD were also present.