Tirumala, 21 October 2015 : The Transport department in TTD functions like a ‘ fleet operator’ catering to its top brass and core staff and also the multitude of pilgrims and also servicing and catering to multifarious activities of the TTD says Sri PV Sesha Reddy, the General Manager of TTD transport.

Speaking to reporters at the Media center he said with 350 own vehicles and almost an equal number of hire vehicles, the department was the nerve center of the mixed operations of the TTD- temple management and service to the pilgrims.

He said we were operating six free buses to the walkers path of Srivari Mettu in Tirupati at a frequency of 10 minutes each and have been ferrying almost 16,000 pilgrims daily.In Tirumala we are ferrying about 68,000 pilgrims every day in 12 free buses with a frequency of 4 minutes each . Besides we also supply vehicles to catering, luggage, garden and also other crucial functions and activities of the TTD. We also provide vehicles to bring flowers donated to Lord Venkateswara from Bangalore’, he said.

Sri Sesha Reddy said on Garuda seva day the RTC ran 3500 trips of 512 buses and ferried 1.65 lakh people .’ We placed 6 cranes and two auto clinics and 2 towing vehicle son ghat roads to respond to incidents within 15 minutes “It is a record of sorts that we kept 300 buses in readiness to go down within hours of the commencement of Garuda Seva ‘ he said.

To make traffic management in Tirumnala more pilgrim friendly , the TTD was mulling to introduce two way traffic for free buses soon, he added.