Tirumala,17 October 2015: It is a spectacular sight by night at Tirumala.The Srivari Temple in the center of the massive congregation of devotees of all faiths from all over world, is decked with electrical illuminations.The vast grounds in front of the temple are swarmed by devotees many of whom use it as their night stand and sleep on the floor in a sort of benediction.

Srivari Temple itself stands out in the middle with electrical garlands on all four sides. The aisles, corridors, pathways , gangways and lanes all around the temple glistened in the reflection of illuminations and escalated the spiritual experience of the devotees. ‘Iam thrilled and don’t mind sleeping here ‘said Bhupesh, a software engineer from Bhopal who preferred to sleep on cold concrete floor than his a/c rooms at Nandakam.

TTD has been announcing every hour about availability of rooms and that devotees could get accommodation easily. But many committed devotees prefer to sleep in the court yard in front of Srivari Temple after their darshan and submitting all of their contribution in the Hundi. ‘We feel blessed to sleep at his feet after darshan ‘ says 45 year old Kamalamma, a resident of Nellore.

There is never a dark alley in Tirumala.Devotees keep pouring out of the temple after darshan and scramble for procuring laddus or for anna prasadam complex.After their blissful darshan of Lord Venkateswara they wander around to either exhibition grounds or Museum or just stroll around the four mada streets and.It is not surprising that Tirumala is awake even at late night hours. ‘ When our Lord is awake till wee hours and and it the first person to wake up in early hours,how can we sleep ‘say the shoppers, security and temple duty officials.

When you come down towards Lepakshi circle you will find a replica of Ananda Nilayam of Lord Venkateswara in illumination form which would stun you . If you walk down the road across, Ram Bagicha, Varahaswami Guest hosue,Mutt road and Sv Museum, you are spell bound with the bright and colorful arches,bill boards and shining corridors.’ The illuminations about 152 in all are aimed at providing a grand view and enhancement of spiritual wealth of Tirumala so that devotees will go back with sweet and devotional memories ‘ says Sri D Sambashiv Rao, Executive Officer of TTD.

The blazing and bright icons ofshanku and Chaktra at the end of the Annamayya road provided the much needed spiritual elixir to devotees who salute it at night . The entire three sq. kms of area around the Srivari temple is decked up thus with electrical lights by night and with flowers, green social avenues and scented leafs by morning to give an experience of vaikuntham to devotees, he says.

As the rush of devotees continues and its tempo is mounting up every day through out the year, the infrastructure of hospitality at Tirumala groans and screeches, but never gives and holds on steadfastly.There is never a dull moment as round the clock, the devotees throng bath rooms, and eateries if not the Srivari temple for darshan. It is not a surprise to find the shops , laddu prasadam counters and anna prasadam complex open even at early hours and late nights to cater to needs of the devotees.

If you take a walk at the entrance of the Tirumala the grand view of the electrical illuminations welcome you. TTD officials have not left any corner uncovered in GNC road near the bus stands. Illuminated arches, twinkling lights on shrubs and trees and bill boards of Goddesses and Gods welcome you.