“Vedokhila Mulam Idam Jagat-The Vedas are the root cause for the genesis of the world”

Tirumala, 17 October 2015: Vedas are basic for our great tradition and culture and Hindu Sanatana Dharma. One of the prime goals of TTD is to protect, preserve and promote the value of Hindu Sanatana Dharma. To achieve its goal, TTD has been doing impeccable service in the propagation of Veda Vidya by setting up Vedic University, Veda Vignana Peetham, Higher Vedic Studies and series of other charitable activities to promote poor vedic scholars and vedic schools across the country.

Among the galaxy of its institutions, Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala which is now transformed as Veda Vignana Peetham is considered to be the oldest having passed 132 glorious years. Nestled amidst green luster of Sheshachala forest ranges, Dharmagiri,9 kms from Tirumala, is home to country’s premier school for study and promotion of vedic knowledge.

Spread on a 35 acre campus the Dharmagiri peetham is unique from all angles and is considered a jewel in the garland of activities of TTD to promote and preserve ancient vedic knowledge. The SVVVP is 132 year old as it was established in 1884 and the new campus was launched in 1991, says the Principal who is now heading an institution with 654 students,60 teachers, where Vedas are taught in a 12-year course along with Sanskrit. At least 50-75 students pass out every year and graduate in various courses. ” Salakshana Ghanapati ” certificate granted by this Peetham is considered more valuable and regarded more than the graduation certificates of other universities.

As part of students participation in the Dharmic activities,about 45 students participate in the Veda Haram event in front off Brahmotsava Vahanams in Four Mada Streets. Students also participate in several other programs at Nada Niranjanam where they perform Veda Parayanam. The SVVVP has plans to introduce a 3-4 year courses of Shastras, Darshana,Dharma Shastra,Puranam Itihasa and Vedayana etc as part of agenda to provide higher studies to its students.

40% of our students have found jobs as teachers here and in other Veda pathashalas. Many of our students have found jobs as archakas at temples in US, Nigeria, Britain. Even the Peda Jeeyar of the Tirumala mutt is a student of our institute,

There are 17 courses in Vedas, five in Archakatvam, four in Smartha , three Divya Prabandhaam besides a regular course in Sanskrit. There are over 800 students undergoing education in 12 year course, and 8-year course. Although TTD organised 6 Veda pathashalas- Bhimavaram, Nalgonda, Keesaragutta, Vizianagaram and Kotappakonda,the Dharmagiri school is an autonomous body.