Pilgrims comforts and divine blessings of Lord Venkateswara is our Goal

Press Release: Brahmotsavam2013

Curtain raiser-Pilgrims comforts and divine blessings of Lord Venkateswara is our Goal

  • We will not spare any effort, says TTD chairman, K Bapiraju
  • TTD administration is fully geared for the challenge, TTD EO M G Gopal
  • Srivari Temple staff will provide smooth darshan to all round the clock, JEO K S Srinivasa Raju

In spite of the difficult environment and administrative problems, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams are fully prepared to take on the challenge of conducting the Salakatla Brahmotsavam for the year 2013.

Not only  the  TTD staff, but  hundreds of  devotees  who had donned the role of Srivari Sevaks are in place at all key locations in the Temple shrine of Tirumala to receive and facilitate the huge number of  devotees and pilgrims who throng Tirumala for the celestial ten day event .

TTD has made elaborate arrangements to feed clean and wholesome food for nearly one lakh pilgrims every day beside accommodate as many as half a lakh in the galleries of sacred Mada streets to witness the Vahanam processions and also showcasing the achievements of the TTD in service of Lord Venkateswara.

We are committed serve Devotees of Lord – Chairman Sri. K Bapiraju 

Religion knows no boundaries  ‘says the veteran chairman K Bapiraju who is keen to receive  and extend warm welcome to  men, women and children  to  have divine  darshan of Lord Venkateswara and  beget his  auspicious blessings  for overcoming the hurdles in their life. He said TTD and the Tirumala shrine was  spic and span  for the  event.

He said the TTD board had reviewed the preparations and all arrangements for the Brahmotsavam festival last night and that convenience and comforts of the pilgrims and showcasing the TTD’s achievements Srivari Temples hoary glory was the divine task, he said.

The TTD has made arrangements for feeding almost one lakh pilgrims every day and also provide comfortable darshan for the pilgrims who come by walk from Tirupati.

TTD is geared to serve pilgrims- EO Sri M G Gopal.

TTD EO M G Gopalan says the entire administration has been geared – accommodations, Anna Prasadams, Laddu Prasadams etc., for all Pilgrims. All  devotees who come by foot  to Tirumala will now onward  get  two laddus  as lords free prasadams during Brahmotsavams which will be continued  all round the year ‘he said.

He appealed to all pilgrims  to enjoy the  stay and flavor of  spiritual elixir by witnessing the daily Vahana processions , special  divine rituals at Srivari Temple  telecast and the events  in sub temples  all around the  Mada street.

Sri Gopal said that TTD kept enough stock of Laddus and also all VIP breaks will be on hold for the period of entire Brahmotsavams period. All employees are also working without leave for Brahmotsavams. ‘We also aim to showcase the social relevance, charity, Hindu dharma pracharam, education and medicare activities of the TTD’. The SV museum at Tirumala will also display rare coins and unique ornaments of the TTD on the occasion ‘, he said

Hygienic and secure environment for Pilgrims- JEO Sri. K S Srinivasa Raju

TTD has enlisted service of special teams of updaters to keep the hill shrine of Tirumala clean and hygienic to avert any unnecessary health problems as over one lakh devotees throng the Tirumala every day

JEO (Tirumala) Sri K S Srinivasa Raju says that special teams were set up for cleaning up public places, toilets, holy corridors of Mada Street and also temple precincts. ‘We  have roped in more sweeping and cleaning units  at Tirumala so that all rooms, guest houses and also public places and top of all Srivari Temple  precincts are kept  spotless clean through the Brahmotsavam period , he says .

Special attention is also given to security and monitoring of crowd movements all across the temple shrine to ensure against thefts, missing persons and also protection to properties of the pilgrims who normally are lost in the elixir of Lord Venkateswara and holy environs of Tirumala, he says.

It is our motto to ensure that all pilgrims go home with pleasant memories and blessings of Lord Venkateswara and do not nurse any bad experiences, he said.